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The PRTG web interface is the feature complete access to PRTG Network Monitor via the web. Use the PRTG web interface as default interface to setup your monitoring and bring it to perfection.

Configure devices and sensors, set up notifications, review monitoring results, create reports, visualize your monitoring on dashboards, and use many more PRTG features to complete your monitoring.

The PRTG web interface is based on Asynchronous Java Script and XML (AJAX) and designed to optimally adjust to your systems by its responsive design. It shows all object setting dialogs as pop-up layers, so you never lose the current context. The web interface adjusts to the size of your screen, so you always get information displayed in an optimized way.

While you are logged in, the PRTG web interface continuously refreshes the data on the screen via AJAX calls and you always are up to date on the current monitoring results. You can set the refresh interval and method individually.

Thanks to Single Page Application (SPA) technology, your system will stay highly performant because only single page elements are refreshed when necessary.

The following sections introduce more advanced procedures in the Ajax Graphical User Interface (GUI).

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